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Our Competitive Advantage

We offer you ease and confidence in your daily communications through working with our US based supply chain management team. At the same time you get to capitalize on the cost benefits of off-shore manufacturing, total quality control, local warehousing and inventory management.

JDH Pacific’s headquarters is located in La Mirada, California. Our local operations team and regular business hours bridge the communication gap between you and the JDH Pacific factories located in China. We have eliminated the language barrier, time zone differences, and any other challenges provided by off-shore manufacturing in China.

Major advantages that JDH Pacific provides our customers:

  • Low cost components manufactured by JDH Pacific owned & operated factories in China
  • Fully staffed quality control team in the US that is 100% equipped for local inspection of your components
  • Full logistics management from our factory to your dock
  • US-Based supply chain specialist team working every day to analyze your usage and forecast to provide the optimal supply chain solution
  • Local warehouses throughout North America
  • JDH Inventory Management programs
    • No MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities) – We satisfy all Kanban demands through repackaging
    • Lower inventory carrying costs
    • Increase cash flow
    • Increase inventory turns